When the Fed goes low, we go high

May 29, 2020 |Thomas Garretson, CFA

The Fed is dusting off an obscure policy tool—yield curve control—as it ramps up efforts to keep Treasury yields low. So, we look to go where yields remain high—that is, high-yield corporates—and explore our shift to a positive outlook on the sector.

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Style guide

May 25, 2020 |Jay Zhang

Growth vs. value, it’s an age-old debate. Given the COVID-19 dynamics of today’s equity market, which style is more apropos?

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Lopsided leadership

May 22, 2020 |Jay Zhang

It’s been a heady run for U.S. stocks off the bottom, yet at the same time the rally has had a distinct lack of diversity.

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Growth versus value investing in a COVID-19 world

May 21, 2020 |Kelly Bogdanova

While some tempting cases can be made for value, we think it’s too soon to go big into value stocks at the expense of growth stocks.

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Trade tantrum?

May 15, 2020 |Jay Zhang

As if economies and markets didn’t already have their hands full, U.S.-China trade tensions have been rekindled. While it’s unlikely a new, full-blown trade war will be unleashed, the two rivals are likely to lock horns over the next few months. This

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U.S. stock market rally: Lopsided leadership

May 15, 2020 |Kelly Bogdanova

The rally’s narrowness doesn’t negate the move, and if the bottoming process is for real we should see more inclusive participation in months ahead.

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How rekindled trade tensions impact the investment outlook

May 07, 2020 |Frédérique Carrier

As if economies and markets didn’t already have their hands full, fresh U.S.-China trade tensions have added a layer of uncertainty to consider.

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The outlook for oil in a period of demand destruction

May 05, 2020 |RBC Wealth Management

With oil prices in free fall as demand has evaporated into thin air, we look at what’s in store for the oil market.

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Speak loudly and carry a big stick

May 05, 2020 |Jay Zhang

The Fed has fashioned its monetary policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic after foreign policy of old, with massive pledges of quantitative easing and liquidity facilities.

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The roads to recovery for earnings and the economy

May 05, 2020 |Kelly Bogdanova

The shadow cast by COVID-19 on profits and GDP growth could be longer than expected. We examine the paths back to normal for earnings and the economy.

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