All quiet on the trade front?

Jan 30, 2020 |Jay Zhang

Markets breathed a collective sigh of relief as long-hoped-for trade deals have been hammered out. But we think the recent developments are no panacea. The shifting trade winds have not completely blown away the fog of uncertainty, and we look at how

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To QE, or not to QE

Jan 22, 2020 |Jay Zhang

That is the question investors are pondering as a record run for U.S. stock markets in recent months has coincided with the first expansion of the Fed’s balance sheet in years, raising concerns that risk asset rallies are being fueled by the Fed

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Rolling with the punches

Jan 14, 2020 |Jay Zhang

Geopolitics came roaring back to center stage as the U.S.-Iran conflict threatened to become an all-out war. But markets were not overly rattled by the saber-rattling.

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