Driven to distraction?

Apr 14, 2020 | Jay Zhang


With the unrelenting speed and sway of newsflow over the past few weeks, market moves that would have normally attracted attention have largely passed with nary a glance.

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Under the radar

Chinese equities are a case in point. Their recent outperformance has been more abrupt than most think. As
put by RBC Global Asset Management Inc. Chief Economist Eric Lascelles, early in 2020 “recriminations were flying against China given its status as the point of origin for the disease” and its heavy-handed approach to confinement measures.
The renminbi floundered in response to the weaker growth outlook and as the epidemic was at that time considered purely a Chinese event.

Fast forward a few months, and we’re seeing a reversal of China’s misfortunes, and prior criticism of a draconian lockdown has flipped to praise. It helps that COVID-19 is no longer seen as a Chinese-centric issue. Moreover, as Lascelles notes, the original epicenter in China “remains nicely under control” and the country’s “economic rebound appears to be vigorous” as China slowly reactivates its economy.


Market pulse

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