My investment philosophy is based on the following eight guiding principles:

1. It's Your Money

You've worked long and hard to build the assets you have. I understand and respect that, and will do everything in my power to preserve and grow the wealth you have accumulated.

2. The Investment Process Begins With You

Your investment situation is unique to your individual circumstances. Your future investment success depends on having a clear idea of what you are trying to accomplish, coupled with a realistic understanding of what you are really like as an investor. I will work closely with you to help formulate a long-term investment strategy appropriate to your needs.

3. You Can Rely On Me

Managing money is my chosen profession. RBC Investments has almost 100 years of experience helping Canadian investors navigate through an increasingly complex investment world. We have some of the best minds anywhere working on your behalf to provide you with the most up-to-date information and the most appropriate advice, tailored to your personal situation.

4. This Is A Long-Term Partnership

There is no simple, one-time fix. Your situation changes, capital markets change, and the factors which determine investment success can change. I am committed to working with you over the years to help you meet your objectives.

5. A Disciplined Approach Yields Disciplined Results

My approach consists of first fully understanding your investment objectives, building a plan around them, and then sticking to it. I help you establish feasible, measurable goals and work with you to achieve them over a realistic time frame. A well-thought-out investment approach can give you the confidence to act in your own long-term best interests, rather than simply react to an ever-changing short-term environment.

6. Diversification Is The Best Risk Management Tool

Because no one can predict the future of any investment with absolute certainty, there is no such thing as a truly riskless investment. Risk cannot be eliminated, but it can be managed down to a tolerable level. Diversification has proven to be the most effective way to mitigate the many different risks to which your financial assets will be exposed.

7. Investments Are Only One Element In A Bigger Picture

Any discussion of investment policy will inevitably lead to other related financial and lifestyle issues. The maintenance of a current will and power of attorney, the role of insurance, and the incorporation of appropriate tax and legal advice are all part of a successful investment strategy. I know from experience that the best results for you can be achieved when we are able to work in concert with your other professional advisors.

8. A Process Of Regular Review Is Vital

You can start with a set of objectives and a plan, but circumstances change and so should your plan. An effective investment strategy builds in a regimen for regular review to ensure that your objectives continue to be relevant and well understood, and that your plan remains up to the task of meeting them. Whether it be annual or quarterly, written or verbal, an agreed upon process for review and established guidelines for change are important cornerstones of my approach to managing your money.