Wealth management should be all-encompassing

At the Kennedy Wealth Management Group of RBC Dominion Securities, we understand that when you’re managing significant wealth – and accomplishing what you want to with it – investing is just the tip of the iceberg. We coordinate our investment expertise with partners at RBC to ensure you’re covered in key areas like tax, insurance, Will and estate planning, retirement planning and business succession. Through the resources and experience of our team, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a total, coordinated wealth management strategy.



There’s no one-size-fits all solution to reaching your goals

Wealth is what you make it, and your wealth strategy should be guided by the specific life goals you and your family hold. Whether you’re saving for a family cottage, securing a comfortable retirement or helping a child pay for their education, we will help make these goals manageable with a fully personalized investment plan adjusted for your growth, income, risk, and timing requirements.

Only after gaining a full understanding of your circumstances and goals do we make any recommendations. From there, we can create a personalized investment strategy, which includes guidelines on overall asset allocation among stocks, bonds and cash and specific criteria for the quality of individual investments. As your needs and goals evolve over time, we will revisit the strategy and portfolio to keep it aligned with current needs and market conditions.


Some of our clients include:

  • Investors who want to ensure their overall wealth is structured tax-efficiently
  • Busy entrepreneurs, professionals and executives
  • Retirees looking to maximize after-tax income and focus on travel or other retirement plans
  • Individuals responsible for family investments
  • People who have had a change in marital status and are now managing family finances for the first time


Our portfolios are backed by highest credentials, oversight and research

As a qualified Portfolio Manager, Ian Kennedy is among a select few Investment Advisors able to offer our premium advisor-managed portfolio service: Private Investment Management (PIM). In consultation with you, your PIM portfolio will be constructed with such factors as your growth requirements, income needs and risk tolerance in mind. We handle all the details on an ongoing basis, working within specific guidelines established in your Investment Policy Statement. In addition, an extensive team of RBC Dominion Securities professionals provides:

  • Investment strategy and research
  • Program standards for portfolio composition, quality and risk levels
  • Third-party oversight to ensure alignment with your IPS and program standards

Ian can take advantage of investment opportunities quickly and efficiently because your approval is not required for every single transaction. Robust investment management guidelines, checks and balances and formal reviews ensure that your portfolio is managed to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

With extensive collective insight and experience, our team knows that the key to investment management doesn’t have to be daunting or worrisome.

A plan for your priorities

Getting the right investment advice is a key part of managing wealth. But it's just one part of a bigger picture.

That's why you deserve a coordinated wealth management strategy that helps to address the financial concerns at each stage of life, such as:

  • Growing assets for future goals like retirement
  • Maintaining assets to protect financial well-being
  • Creating an income stream for retirement
  • Creating a lasting legacy