Investing well ahead of the curve

Managing your wealth can often be compared to a lifelong game of chess, where any moves made today can significantly impact the future. Led by Hugo Barrette, a former provincial chess champion, we help our clients realize their vision of life through strategic planning, thoughtful analysis and a long-term perspective.  

We provide discretionary portfolio management and high-level wealth management for high-net-worth individuals and families, professionals and entrepreneurs with wide-ranging needs and above-average assets. Our goal is to simplify their complex financial situations at every stage of their journey.

The Barrette Group advantage

We encourage investments in companies that focus on sustainable development, innovation, excellent customer experience and long-term shareholder value creation. We also invest in the people who administer and manage these proven companies.

Our mission is to invest in innovative companies with an inspiring future, ones that will have a positive impact on society. This demonstrated investment philosophy focuses on maximizing opportunities for growth and reducing volatility.

While focused on each client’s ongoing success, we build meaningful, long-term relationships with them and their families that last through generations. Clients benefit from our expertise, integrity, and excellent customer service. We also help private holding companies, trusts, estates and semi-institutional organizations.

Keeping the endgame in mind

At Barrette Wealth Management Group, we know what is important – the success of your family, the achievement of your goals and the legacy you want to leave – so we help you manage your wealth in a way that reflects your unique values and aspirations. This is because we believe, as you do, that the best returns are achieved when you accumulate more than just wealth.

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Hugo Barrette

Hugo Barrette

Senior Portfolio Manager & Investment Advisor