What is an "A+" Unified Managed Account?

The A+ Unified Managed Account, or UMA, is a single account program that has the ability to hold multiple separately managed account mandates (SMAs), mutual funds, hedge funds, and exchange traded funds (ETFs). The sum of the parts is a consolidated asset allocation strategy that is continually traded and rebalanced, on a discretionary basis, to accomodate your pre determined investment and risk tolerance objectives. 

These accounts are managed for an annual fee (charged quarterly) based on the assets under administration in the account. The fee usually ranges between 1 and 2% depending on the size and complexity of the account.

Benefits of UMA:

- Access to multiple global SMA managers in a single account.

- Full investment transparency via segregated security custody.

- Automated rebalancing and security rotation within a predetermined model.

- Consolidated annual tax reporting.

- The abilitiy to restrict securities, sectors, or industries from the portfolio.

- Ongoing efficiency, convenience, and peace of mind.