The Hillyard Stephen Group at RBC Wealth Management is a Full Service, IIROC licensed investment management team. This means that we have the ability to advise on, and provide the the full spectrum of investments, not just mutual funds.

The investments available under the RBC Dominion Securities platform allow for the proper costruction of a unique portfolio, tailored to you. This structure also allows the team to access markets and investment opportunities that may not be available to you under your current advisory relationship.

Our investment menu includes the following:

- Individual Stocks (Canadian, US, and Foreign Markets)

- Preferred Shares

- Bonds, Debentures, Fixed Income Notes, Money Market Securities

- Guaranteed Investment Certificates (RBC and Third Party)

- Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) 

- Mutual Funds (RBC and Third Party)

- Hedge Funds (RBC and Third Party)

- Alternative Investments

- Commodities

- Foreign Exchange (FX) and Multiple Currency Accounts