Clients work in conjunction with an Investment Advisor to design, construct and monitor an entire portfolio of international securities. As our client, you will have access to a wide variety of wealth management solutions including:

  • Global equities
  • Global fixed income
  • Emerging markets fixed-income
  • Money market/cash management services
  • Hedge funds/alternative Investments
  • Derivatives (options and futures)
  • Foreign exchange trading
  • International mutual funds
  • Multi-currency trading capabilities
  • Access to some of the world’s best money managers
  • Customized structured products
  • Margin accounts
  • Access to loans and various forms of credit through our Private Banking partners
  • Fee-based, wrap and traditional transaction-based accounts
  • Online account access via the Internet

Our structure also provides us with desktop access to RBC Dominion Securities Inc.’s trading tools. This means our Investment Advisors have real-time, direct, electronic access to major North American equity markets and a substantial inventory of fixed-income and money market securities. Through our multi-currency platform, we can provide trade execution and custody, as well as separate foreign-currency reporting in most of the world’s major currencies.

This broad range of financial products is designed to give you the choice and flexibility to realize your investment goals.

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