We create trusted partnerships with you over a decade-long timeframe

We strive to create trusted partnerships with our clients, and for that purpose, we outline our core beliefs below. We hope you will find our work insightful, our beliefs compatible, and our service top-quality.

  • We are long-term thinkers. We strive to manage your money with care and prudence for many generations to come.

  • We are contrarians. We focus intently on the areas that others may have overlooked or failed to recognize, with a focus on paying reasonable valuations for stocks of enduring quality.

  • We are personable. We believe in taking you beyond the numbers to advise you on personal matters that go beyond our core services, and to provide you with trusted insight into life decisions.

We believe in analytically minded investing. We conduct careful due diligence, strive to manage risks well, ask the right questions of the companies we invest in, and optimize your portfolio for higher returns while maintaining prudent risk management practices. We serve your ever-changing requirements over a full lifecycle. We are proud to introduce ourselves as the Grace Wang Practice.

For client inquiries please contact Grace Wang at (604) 257-7050 or email at grace.wang@rbc.com.