Investment Decision Making

The Grace Wang Portfolio Management Practice is an established investment practice dedicated to the financial management of portfolios for individuals, foundations and entrepreneurial investors. Our investment practice centers around the long-term investment profile of companies with high barriers to entry, quality business models, strong pricing power, and financial profitability. The longevity of these characteristics has been shown to produce sustained, compounded growth over a full market cycle.

Our Investment Portfolio Management Process

You can expect the following from us:

  • We assess the annuity producing power of each company you are invested in to determine its earnings outlook
  • We value these companies based on their future earnings power
  • We construct portfolios with an eye on different investment attributes, which will perform differently in varying investment climates
  • We diversify by size differences, from small, emerging companies with high growth potential to larger, more established investment vehicles
  • We interview the management teams of these companies, understanding their philosophy and growth strategies in greater depth
  • We distinguish between true risk and volatility. Risk and volatility are not the same thing. Risk represents the ability of a company to achieve its profit objectives. Volatility simply represents market fluctuations that can present opportunities for investors, and tends to be fleeting
  • We are constantly reviewing new ideas to augment our portfolios with unique business models

Client Expectations

  • Disciplined, well-researched financial management of your portfolios
  • A robust risk governance approach in which companies’ intrinsic characteristics are studied carefully
  • Financial planning, if so desired
  • Leveraging our in-house expertise, having worked with institutions to manage government pension plans
  • Thought leadership through thoughtful investment publications on select capital markets topics

For inquiries, please feel free to contact

We look forward to conversing about your investment management desires.

Grace Wang

Senior Portfolio Manager


Samuel Jang, CFA



Leslie Mah

Associate Advisor


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Kim Choi

Administrative Assistant