The Grace Wang Portfolio Management Practice manages assets for established individuals, foundations, and entrepreneurial families. We believe in the power of compounding growth, in which sustained increases in your assets can lead to sizable wealth creation over time. Many of the businesses we invest in can be described as “niche industries,” which are oftentimes specialized, have attractive economics, and run by highly skilled decision makers, in most cases led by visionary founders. The result is a portfolio that can compound growth at above-market rates of return and withstand varying economic climates.

What can you expect?

You can expect the following from us:

  • A disciplined investment process premised upon the wealth creating attributes of leading companies
  • A portfolio of leading wealth creating companies
  • A valuation-driven framework in evaluating new securities
  • Growth at a reasonable valuation
  • Client servicing aimed at educating and informing you on select capital market topics

How will you benefit?

You will benefit in several ways:

  • By the rule of 72, if a portfolio can compound at an average rate of return of 10% per year, it will double in value every 7.2 years. We apply this framework in constructing your portfolio.
  • By being asset owners of leading companies with highly attractive growth characteristics
  • By capitalizing on investment trends prior to other market participants being aware of these trends
  • Institutional grade investment practices based on our prior experience managing funds for the BC government pension fund

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We look forward to conversing about your investment management desires.

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Grace Wang

Vice-President, Portfolio Manager & Investment Advisor


Samuel Jang, CFA



Leslie Mah

Associate Advisor


Jennifer Hamilton