Welcome to the Grace Wang Portfolio Management Practice!

At the Grace Wang Portfolio Management Practice, we welcome clients – both private clients as well as foundations and non-profits – who desire a differentiated approach to wealth management.

Working with the Greater Vancouver community, we count among our clients non-profits and foundations who rely upon a trusted manager to meet their funding objectives. Given our experience serving this sector, we are well versed in the opportunities and challenges facing non-profits and foundations as they grow in complexity and seek to grow their funding sources. Among private clients, we work with professionals, entrepreneurs, families spanning multiple generations, business enterprises, and individuals of many backgrounds who seek a secure place to grow their portfolios.

Our perspective on investing is to research broad-level themes in attractive industries that can produce long-lived and meaningful returns. These are often industries with a specific set of economic moat that are high growth, consolidating, or transitioning in such a way that will lead to market leadership over a multi-year timeframe. We are selective in our investment choices, performing extensive research on every company that we invest in, and balancing the portfolio’s various investment attributes to reflect the sources of value creation.

Our value as investment managers is to be independent thinkers, leveraging resources, to make investment decisions that will retain value in different investment climates. We have managed portfolios through unexpected market conditions, all the while maintaining a disciplined investment process focused on surfacing value among some of North America and Europe’s most unique business models.

We welcome clients from all backgrounds and look forward to discussing your investment needs.

Grace Wang

Vice-President, Portfolio Manager & Investment Advisor

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