What our team brings to the table

With over 28 years of experience working with business owners, health care professionals and retirees, Gordon is the quarterback of a dynamic advisory team. With your financial plan and business summary as a core, we collaborate with the best specialists in the industry to maximize your total wealth strategy. 

What we don’t do

  • Simply Buy and Sell Investments. “Stock broker” is a profession of the past. Rather than using an outdated buy/sell model, our team provides wealth planning for all aspects of our clients’ financial well-being. We consider your whole wealth picture in terms of financial, tax, business succession, insurance and estate planning as well as philanthropy.
  • Hide fees.  Our fees are transparent – and you will know exactly what they are before you invest.
  • Bluff. We are experts at what we do - but we don’t know everything. When it’s not our area of expertise, we leverage the vast resources of RBC and collaborate with accredited industry experts for your benefit, at no additional cost.
  • Pass you off. When you hire Gordon – you get Gordon and the investment knowledge, skills and contacts he has acquired over 28 years. He will never shuffle your account to a junior advisor.
  • Check Out. We take pride in being engaged. Gordon personally writes comprehensive quarterly reviews for each and every client. These reviews provide essential performance updates and more importantly, where each portfolio is headed. We hope that these reviews will answer all of your questions before you have them. And of course, if you would like more information, we would love to hear from you.
  • Talk down. We understand that investment and financial planning is complex so we always try to communicate in accessible terms free of jargon. If there is anything you don’t understand, we will make sure everything is explained until you feel comfortable.
  • Follow Fads. We will never chase short-term performance and risk your hard earned money. Unrealistic short term returns are not part of our strategy. A financial plan should be the starting point for all investors - this plan will show what rate of return is required to meet your goals. Once that is determined, we construct an investment portfolio that is consistent in reaching that objective.
  • Wobble. It is clear cut - if it is not in your best interests, we won’t do it. Gordon has always been inspired by Warren Buffett’s quote “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”  To Gordon, integrity is everything



Gordon McCallum, CFP®, CIM

Vice-President & Investment Advisor, Financial Planner


Chelsea Despins, B.Sc.

Associate Advisor