Our Process

We begin with an introductory meeting. This meeting is designed to answer the question "Can we imagine ourselves working together?" If further exploration is desirable, several steps will follow in relatively quick succession:

1. The discovery meeting: The goal of the discovery meeting is to talk about financial issues in more detail, including (but not limited to) your specific concerns, your financial statements, and the cost of wealth management. 

2. Presentation meeting #1: The goal of this meeting is to present a detailed outline of your financial situation based on the information gathered in the discovery meeting. We may or may not open investment accounts at this time. 

3. Presentation meeting #2: This meeting takes place after accounts have been opened. The goal of this meeting is to discuss your customized wealth plan as well as the governance structure for the investments (the Investment Policy Statement). We will also outline the next steps to be taken in the wealth planning process based on your priorities. 

4. Meetings with RBC Wealth Management Specialists: These meetings will be prioritized based on the concerns you have discussed with us. The meetings could include a Will and Estate Consultant, Estate Planning Specialist (risk management), a Senior Trust Officer (Royal Trust), a Private Banker, and a High Net Worth Business Specialist. 

5. Monitoring and review: The purpose of these meetings (to be outlined in the Service Plan) is to answer the following questions: "Where are we relative to the goals of our wealth plan?" "What is working?" "What needs to be changed?"

6. Education: We provide ongoing education as we help you to achieve your goals. Examples include Family Wealth Forums, Market Updates, and Classrooms.