When your mother asks, 'Do you want a piece of advice?' it is a mere formality. It doesn't matter if you answer yes or no. You're going to get it anyway. Erma Bombeck

Jun 24, 2020 | Gerry Doyle


So I needed some advice the other day and thought it best to consult a few of my friends, who in my opinion are geniuses as they seem to know everything on just about every subject.  The decision I needed to make was … where could I get my haircut? Things are getting desperate.  My son took a swing at things a few weeks ago and it was a good effort, funny but good (I am not allowed to go out in public and it will grow back).  The first haircut referral came from my friend Tom who offered up a good local barber that he and some friends use.  At first I was excited about the idea … then I recalled that he and his friends go for the Shaved Head Look.

Hence my plan B.  How to cut your hair yourself at home.

First rule is to obtain a pair of sharp scissors.  Apparently the pair you use to cut herbs or make paper dolls aren’t a good idea.  They will leave you with split ends and frizzies.  Visit a drug store, preferably Shoppers as you may own shares in the company (check your portfolio under Loblaw holdings).  Some combs, mirror and if you want a real professional job maybe invest in an electric grooming beard or hair trimming device.

Be careful and start slow.  Less is more when it comes to cutting your own hair.  It is not recommended to have wet hair.  Dry hair allows you to see how it looks naturally and how it falls.  Thus keeping the same shape as your stylist did when you had your last visit back in February. 

Pull your hair out straight but not too tight (what does that mean).  Then holding your shears horizontally begin with a little trim.  You can always cut more later but you can’t go the other way. 

Start with a section of your hair.  Maybe the right side upper, then switch to left side upper.  Do a little at a time, then move to another section.  Once you have completed all sections, then do an assessment.  Maybe one section looks good, but another section needs a second round of cutting. 

Comb it out.  If there are some spots that look a bit weird, now is the time to go vertical with the scissors.  This is the touching up phase.  It is a good time to get rid of the stragglers that you missed, rebalance the sides, and just do a general touch up. 

Remember, less is more.  You can always go back.  Try to keep in mind that you are staying with the style that you had from your last cut.  This is not a time to try a new hairstyle or copy something cool from a magazine. 

Once complete don’t be afraid to use a razor to define the edges.  If comfortable, maybe have a haircutting party!  Invite your friends and try cutting each other’s hair.  Oh, the memories you will have when we look back years from now.

Next blog will be about how to order hats online.