“You need radicals. Rebels. Revolutionaries. People who howl at the moon.”

Oct 23, 2019 | Gerry Doyle


I remember once sitting in a board meeting.  Lots of experts, good visionaries, and some idiot who sat next to the CEO challenging everything that was said at the meeting.  At first I couldn’t figure out why this clown was even on the board.  He was disruptive.


“Your approach to changing culture should be highly out of character for the organization.  Choose methods that stand in stark contrast to standard operating procedures.  From the very outset you must free yourself from the existing culture and conceive a plan of action that starts to liberate the organization from its past.  Culture change moves at a slow crawl if the existing culture gets to call the shorts on methodology.  Or to put it another way, you’ll have trouble creating a new culture if you insist on doing it in ways that are consistent with the old one.  Remember, the old culture is designed to protect itself, not to bring about its own demise.”  (Price Pritchett)


Ah yes, only a week left in the fiscal year. 


Today is the perfect day for a quick review of things, a phone call to our office and embark upon some change in your Financial Planning and Estate strategy.