Serving Etobicoke and the surrounding area, the "Doyle Wealth Management Group" of RBC's Private Investment Management Group, takes a "Family Office" approach designed to manage every aspect of your investment and financial needs under one roof.

Despite the many economic and political challenges of the past 150 years, RBC has managed to safeguard its clients' investment interests and weather any storm. The "Doyle Wealth Management Group" strives to continue in this grand tradition.

Our commitment is to: “Design and execute a strategy that will allow you to meet your financial goals and life events.”

-Taking care of your personal financial needs on a day to day basis from an investment and private banking point of view

-Executing your long term retirement strategy, including out of the country banking, currency, and healthcare needs

-Helping to fund the educations of your children/grandchildren through RESP’s

-Developing and delivering your Financial Plan & Estate Plan

-Tax strategies and insurance policy reviews

-Trust strategies to ensure your estate is passed along as you wish

-Help you build financial wellness and confidence

Please contact us to create or update your Financial Plan
The "Doyle Wealth Management Group" actively supports charities and children's sports in the Etobicoke and Bloor West Village neighbourhood

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