"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

 - Peter Drucker

Wealth M.A.P. = Clarifying + Simplifying + Improving your financial life

Wealth M.A.P. - The Process
We help our clients with our proven integrated process we call Wealth M.A.P. (for your Wealth Management Action Plan).  Your Wealth M.A.P. is an integrative wealth management process that is built around your unique needs and goals.  It gives you:
  • the Confidence to make sound financial decisions
  • the Freedom to live life the way you want
  • Clarity for your financial future
In short, it is rigorous, flexible and yet simple to understand.
Wealth M.A.P. & You
It's your life to live and we can help you live it the way you want.  Simply put, your Wealth M.A.P. is all about using wealth managment so you get more from life. Each client has a customized Wealth M.A.P.
Wealth M.A.P. - The Tools
We believe there are three financial pillars on which every client should have peace of mind - and on which their advisors must perform at a high level. 
  1. Risk Management
  2. Investment Management
  3. Financial Modelling
These are the core of what we do.  These skills are most effective when linked to your overall financial, tax and estate planning.  This is the power of your Wealth M.A.P..  We are leaders in investing (see "How We Invest").  At the same time we are in the unique position of offering a complete array of wealth management services, guided by sound business judgement and years of experience and the industry's best resources from RBC Wealth Management.
Imagine the Wealth M.A.P. Difference
Imagine the Clarity of clearly knowing where you are currently financially, where specifically you want to be financially, and of the choices between here and there.
Imagine the Simplicity of you understanding how all the parts of the financial puzzle fit together.
Imagine the Improvement of your investment management, risk management and tax efficiency.
To learn more you must meet with Gerald.  When you're ready to take the next step, contact Gerald directly at 905.372.3379 or at gerald.blackstock@rbc.com