Clearing the path


Cross-border wealth is a tangled maze, but it’s one we know like the backs of our hands. Well-versed in all the exacting requirements, we act as your guides as we navigate around every bend and over every hurdle on your behalf. In so doing, we clear a cohesive financial path for Canadians with ties to the United States as well as Americans residing in Canada.

Transition experts

Drawing on differentiated experience, our team is truly unmatched in our ability to offer financial recommendations to Canadians returning from the States, Americans living in Canada, or people considering a move across the border.

Dual tax perspective

Geoff Hartley mastered cross-border tax before ever entering the world of personal wealth management. Proficient in the manifold rules and regulations involved, he is uniquely adept at advising clients on their income tax through a North American lens.

Collaborating across borders

Core to our role as your wealth managers is close partnership with various related professionals, including those based in Canada and the U.S. We put in the work to make their jobs easy, thus decluttering and simplifying your financial picture.


Why accountants love working with us


We take a proactive approach to our clients’ cross-border taxes, setting their accountants up for success. Here are a few of the extras we provide at a glance.

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Dual tracking of cost bases for American and Canadian income tax purposes, including as they may shift with cross-border moves

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Annual reporting of capital gains and losses for both Canadian and U.S. income tax purposes, which contribute to our investment strategy for U.S. persons in Canada

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Maximum and year-end account balances for Report of Foreign Bank & Financial Accounts (FBAR)

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U.S. 1099 reporting for U.S. persons in Canada

Transcending borders


Navigating the complex world of wealth can be onerous, especially across borders. Our clients lean on our specialized Canada-U.S. expertise to guide them.

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