Tax Implications of Investing in Real Estate

Jun 06, 2019 | Frank Sakellariou


Do you own a real estate investment property? If so, did you know that there are a number of ways you may hold these properties, each with different tax implications?

RBC Wealth Management recently published an article titled “Investing in Real Estate”, that explores the different ways in which one can hold real estate investment properties, and the tax implications involved. 
Come tax time, different types of rental income and expenses are treated differently.
Is your rental income considered Property Income or Business Income?
Are you incurring Current Expenses or Capital Expenses?
Did you obtain a loan for either the purchase of the property or a renovation?
Did you know that there are different ownership structures for your investment property? Do you know which one is right for you?
  • Individual Ownership
  • Canadian Corporation
  • Canadian Partnership
  • Canadian Resident trust
For details on these considerations and how they impact you, please download: RBC Wealth Management’s “Investing in Real Estate”.
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This information is not intended as nor does it constitute tax or legal advice. Readers should consult their own lawyer, accountant or other professional advisor when planning to implement a strategy.