Who we work with

Our services are designed for clients living in Canada and abroad whose financial affairs have become increasingly complex and require professional expertise in managing their investment assets. Our clients include:

  • Business owners and corporate clients needing solutions that meet the needs of their organization

  • Clients who live and conduct affairs in multiple countries

  • Clients requiring individual wealth preservation solutions that take into consideration tax and estate implications in a global marketplace

  • Families seeking professional guidance in the preservation, distribution and transfer of wealth to the next generation

  • Philanthropists looking for discreet and thoughtful ways to bequeath assets to chosen charities

  • International organizations requiring tailored solutions that address their complex requirements

  • Clients requiring expertise in major world currencies to facilitate their movement around the globe

As complex and far-reaching as your wealth management needs may be, we can provide you with tailored solutions to help you reach business and personal financial goals.