A Proactive Approach to Managing Commodities & Foriegn Exchange Risk

Whether you are a business owner looking for strategies to hedge against input costs or guard against currency risk, or options strategist in need of dedicated or professional order execution managment, the Afonso/Easton Group specializes in full-service commodity and option trading.
We believe that hedging is crucial to managing businesses' input costs and foreign currency revenue. The Afonso/Eaton Group works with business owners and corporate financial officers to develop tailored risk management strategies that are anchored by individuated and disciplined trading strategies.
The Afonso/Easton Group of RBC Dominon Securities is uniquely able to assist businesses that are concerned about the effects of fluctuating input costs, product pricing, and foreign exchange rates on their operations. Drawing on the vast resources and research of RBC Dominion Securities, we work with an array of commercial clients with vaired and diverse needs, including:
  • Forestry/Lumber Companies
  • Importers/Exporters
  • Farming and Agriculture/Agribusiness
  • Mining Companies
  • Business owners and operators exposed to currencies & commodities
  • Manufacuring Companies
We can help stabilize and bring predictability to company operations and financial statements with tactical management of foreign exchange and commodity exposure.
Many of our clients seek advice and our expertise on:
  • Navigating market volatility and economic uncertainty
  • Using futures contracts to sell outputs at optimal price levels
  • Reducing the impact of foreign exchange volatility
  • Protecting profit margins against the rising costs of inputs
  • Implementing an ongoing prudent risk managment process

Please feel free to contact Francis to discuss your trading needs, goals, and ideas.