Our Mission

Our mission is to provide affluent clients with professional advice and unparalleled service in all areas of wealth management. We have an unwavering loyalty to putting our clients best interests ahead of our own. Our recommendations always reflect what we would do for ourselves and our own families under the same circumstances.
Our overriding objective is to improve our clients quality of life. The advice, products and services we provide are the tools we use to accomplish that. We believe that our role is at the centre of a broader professional network and, to that end, we facilitate a full range of services to support our clients.
We believe that a comprehensive financial plan is the only way to ensure that opportunities and challenges are fully addressed.

Who We Are 

We are dedicated to providing personalized, comprehensive wealth management and financial planning solutions for our clients. By using an integrated approach, we consider not only your portfolio, but also tax, estate and insurance planning, retirement planning, wealth preservation and wealth transfer.
We work closely with a network of professional family advisors including Estate Planning Specialists, Insurance Specialists, Private Bankers and Commercial and Banking Account Managers, Chartered Accountants, and Estate Lawyers.

Our Services 

Our four-step process ensures that we satisfy the complex financial needs of our clients.
  1. We provide a comprehensive review of your current situation, including an analysis of your current portfolio with regard to asset allocation and tax efficiency.
  2. We create an appropriately diversified investment portfolio taking into account asset class, investment style, geography, income and growth needs.
  3. We manage and monitor your investment performance providing ongoing rebalancing as required to ensure your investment objectives are met.
  4. We provide regular reviews and updates and maintain consistent contact as well as proactively exchange information that is relevant to your circumstances.

Our Clients

Business Owners

As business owners, you have a unique set of financial challenges and opportunities. Proper planning is essential for your success.

Professionals & Executives

We help free your time so that you can focus on your personal and career goals. We simplify and coordinate your financial affairs, and assist with your investment and retirement objectives using proven strategies to help reduce taxes, plan for retirement and protect your legacy.


Francesca works with women at all stages in life, including widows, single women, divorcees, professionals and retirees. She understands the unique challenges women can face and helps to build financial literacy skills for long-term financial security.