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'Observations from Down Under'

'The Next 10 Years: Major Trends" A World of Paradox (in a period of secular disruption)  
2017 'The Donald, bulls and bears' 'The Boomers' Dilemma... and why Johnny Depp may be like so many others" 'Here comes the unintended consequences' "Active vs. Passive... the debate rages on"
2016 "Wack-A-Mole Environment" "Starve the Beast" " The best laid plans" "Bonds aweigh!"
2015 "Outlook 2015: The Uncomfortable Bull Market" "Dazed and Confused - The Great Rotation is Coming" "You Can't Handle The Truth"
2014 "The Year of Synchronicity"   "The Middle Class Crisis"  "Get into The Zone" "Ignore the Naysayers"


"Better to be loved by the 47% and Feared by the 53%" "With Apologies to Drunken Sailors"  "The Training Wheels are Coming Off"  "Not Your Father's Bull Market"
2012 "Keep Calm and Carry On" A Surplus of Rhetoric, A Deficit of Results  The Abyss of the Dawn of a New Golden Age?   "Talk is Cheap"
2011 Conventional Wisdom, The Great Reflation and the Next Room The Definition of Fair and the Myth of the Rich
2010 Eye of the Tiger - The Sun Sets in the West and Rises in the East Taxing a Nation to Health Try to Follow the Bouncing Ball Is Greed Good?
2009 Annus Horribilis The New, New Deal and the Death of Capitialism? Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio? A Different World  
2008 Thirteen Trillion Reasons Is the Train Leaving the Station? A Litany of Worries Buy Before the Sale Ends
2007 The Price is Right - Reload A Broken Record - Sweet Betting on the Eagle and the Red, White & Blue The System Works - Bulls, Bears and Snake Oil 
2006 These Days Fell Like the Old Days Digesting Gains Burning Down the Village in Order to Save It Rocking But Noone Knows It
2005 Follow the Yellow Brick Road The Bermuda Triangle, the Lockness Monster, the Yeti and Bull Markets A River Runs Through It Between a Rock and a Hard Place

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