My name is Faizul Hassan and I have been in the financial services industry for 32 years.  My commitment to my clients is to honor their trust with honesty, to ensure a transparent approach in all strategies, and a seamless service delivery.  Extensive experience with affluent clients has taught me that busy professionals, such as yourself, know how to earn money, but may not always be able to keep your money working for you.  My role is to provide the time and expertise you need to achieve not only personal financial security, but also to maintain the lifestyle that you want well into retirement.  As an Investment Advisor, I can help you establish your long-term goals and develop a plan that helps achieve them.  I work with each client to ensure that the focus is on what works for them and their families.  As a result, my clients benefit from a goal-oriented approach to financial planning and can rely on advice that is customized to their specific needs and situation.