Our Investment Philosophy

Value. We look beyond the noise, to uncover disconnects between the market price and the underlying value of the business.

Transparency. It's no mystery that all professionals are paid - the real question becomes how and how much. With our easy to understand fee structure, we take the mystery out of the fees.

Longevity. We plan on being here for the next 25 years, thus we look for businesses that will be around much longer. The combination of our long term focus with our tactical and active management add value to any investment portfolio.


How Do You Feel About Your Retirement Planning Readiness?

You’ve already achieved so much in life. Yet there’s so much more you can do. You may want to help your family members get started in life. Fulfill your next career or business ambition. Make a meaningful difference in your community. Create a lasting legacy for future generations. Live a legendary life of adventure, or simply live well in retirement.

Whatever your goals, we will take the time to understand what you want to accomplish with your wealth. Whether you need assistance managing wealth for yourself, your family or your business, we will provide the professional advice you need. We can help manage your investments, plan your retirement, protect your financial security and organize your estate.

While doing so, we will always keep in mind that your wealth is just the beginning – it’s a way to achieve more, give more, and experience more.

Contact us today to learn how our knowledgeable team of professionals, backed by the resources of RBC Wealth Management, can help you grow more than wealth.

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Who we help?

Are you a business owner, professional or executive who may benefit from working with a comprehensive and personalized wealth practice? 

Are your investable (liquid) assets between $600,000 and $10,000,000?

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What we don't do?

Ignore you. Our team is always here for you. Whether it's a call or an email, we will always get back to you in a timely fashion.

Believe you're just a number. Every client is a member of our family. The relationships that we build with our clients set the foundation for our long and dynamic partnership.

Talk down to you. We believe in providing our brilliant clients with all the resources and information needed for them to make the most informed decision possible.

Sell you products. If no two clients are the same, why would they use the same product? We will never "sell" you anything. Period. We believe in finding solutions that our tailored specifically to the client at hand.

Make promises that we can't deliver. We operate our practice with a great deal of integrity and transparency and don't commit to anything we can't manage.