Our entire private wealth management practice is focused on enabling our clients to enjoy the benefits of an integrated approach to managing their wealth.  Our role is to make sound investment choices, anticipate and solve financial issues, explore unutilized strategies and provide wealth management leadership so that our clients' lives can be easier and richer.


At various times you may wonder:

  • Where do we go from here?
  • Do we have enough capital to maintain a comfortable retirement?
  • Will my family be okay, if an unwelcome event happens?
  • How do I transition my family business and minimize taxes?

We have a rich history of experience to address these concerns and more. All of our experience, and resources are here for you!

Investment Solutions

We offer a complete range of investment solutions that can be utilized to suit your individual needs. Whether your investments would be managed on a discretionary, or non-discretionary, we would tailor a solution specific to you, and we will take the time to explain those choices.


Financial Planning

Having a roadmap that guides you towards your financial goals is a prudent way to plan your financial future.  As we work with you to develop you plans, our financial planning specialists are a crucial part of our team for creating a strategy.


Will and Estate Planning

Our will and estate planning team make use of their expertise in trusts, taxation, financial planning and estate law. Their role is to work alongside you and your existing professionals to help ensure your planning goals are met.

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