The Clements Group works closely with Business owners

Running a successful business requires a special kind of dedication, and unsurprisingly most business owners will agree that their businesses represent the most financially important aspect of their lives. How these owners ultimately exit their business will likely be the second most crucial decision they face

It's an obvious reality that a company (particularly a family owned one), typically represents more than half of an owner's estate at the time the owner decides to sell, or transition away from it.

We are here to offer advice, and experienced guidance on achieving a successful transition.  Planning for a smooth sale or succession can begin much earlier than many owners may realize.

The stakes are high for the sale or succession plan of your business

The advantage of having business assets that can be divested in a straightforward way when you retire, can make or break a comfortable retirement. It can have a huge impact on wealth preservation, tax savings, family financial security, and personal peace of mind.

A small minority (as few as 10%) of business owners have a written plan to deal with a business sale or succession plan (many will unknowingly think it is not really needed).  It's an alarmingly low number, but we strive to have our business owner clients clarify their succession plans.  With careful planning, we can help ensure they see the full benefit from the hard work they have invested into their businesses.


Should we have a conversation?

Even if you have a succession plan in place it still makes sense to talk to us. This discussion is without charge or obligation, and the results may surprise you.  We have rarely reviewed a sale or succession plan that cannot be materially strengthened and improved.

We've helped businesses maximize their corporate assets, structure and fund buy/sell agreements, organize their company for sale to a third party, transfer to family members, or help structure plans for a management buyout. 

We are happy to sit down with you to have a conversation.

Contact us if you would like to arrange a meeting.