As part of our Private Investment Management program we would take the time to assess all of the unique factors that need to be incorporated into managing your investments.  These needs and expectations will form a set of guidelines that are formalized into a document called your Investment Policy Statement.
Use of an IPS with each investment client is now considered a best practice for investment managers and should be expected by clients hiring a professional investment manager.
The presence of an IPS helps to create an environment of transparency in the relationship between client and advisor. The IPS offers you a better understanding of what to expect from their advisor. That clarity generally helps to build a much higher level of trust and respect and it helps ensure the investment manager is aware of the expectations of you, the client.
In turn, as we implement the IPS to create and manage client portfolios. We have a robust spectrum of investment tools and asset management options available to use.
There are significant resources committed to developing the appropriate portfolios for our clients.  Managing risk is a core principle of our portfolio construction strategies.

Our unique actively managed portfolios are constructed by using fundamentally strong companies, and then very actively comparing all of them against each other with a suite of relative strength tools.  Our approach is to not passively wait.  Owning great companies is one key ingredient to strong portfolios. Importantly, our unique approach also takes the direction of the markets and the rate of change in price for individual securities as key elements in our decisions to own or not own any particular company or security.
While it is a complicated process, taking great companies, and then applying this strong suite of relative strength tools and analysis gives us a clear approach to buy/sell strategies for our client portfolios.
The goals are to keep poorly performing investments out of the portfolio, and find outperformance with less risk.
Our active strategy of managing client portfolios is simply not available to clients in typical advisor/client relationships.  Ours is a uniquely high level of service driven by our goals to be the best advisors available to our clients.  It's a demanding level of commitment that we believe our clients deserve.
Our goal is to be second to none as advisors to our clients.  <learn about PIM>
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