“I’ve been an Investment Advisor since 1997 and during that time, every conceivable market condition has arisen – the three most significant being the collapse of the NASDAQ in 2000, the 2008/09 world-wide recession and most recently, the once-in-a-lifetime pandemic-fuelled market declines and subsequent recovery.  Throughout these periods, and in times of growth, I’ve focused on preserving capital while providing tax-efficient returns for my clients. Together, we have had great success because we’ve implemented financial plans that are consistent and sound.

My commitment is to surpass your expectations. My strategy combines skill, knowledge and experience. I can promise you, throughout all of the years we work together, you will never find another advisor who cares more about you and your family, or who is more dedicated to the realization of your financial goals. I vow to invest your capital as prudently as I do my own. I commit to telling you the unvarnished truth, especially when you might not want to hear it. Finally, I will never state I can do something I can’t, nor will I tell you I am going to do something, then not do it. If we work together in this spirit of shared trust, there is nothing within reason we can’t achieve. Perhaps the most important thing is you’ll never have to worry again. That’s what you’re hiring me to do.”

– Libby Hunter

Libby Hunter

Elizabeth (Libby) Hunter

Senior Investment & Wealth Advisor


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