Your farm may be your most valuable asset and you may rely upon it to fund your retirement and achieve your other financial goals.

Farms and the lifetime capital gains exemption

If you decide to sell your farm, you may be able to take advantage of the lifetime capital gains exemption (LCGE) regardless of how you have structured the ownership of your farm.  Read more about the lifetime capital gains exemption here.


Transferring your farm to the family

You may decide to pass your farm to your spouse or children during your lifetime so that they can continue operating what you've built. When doing so, it is helpful to understand there are strategies to minimize your tax liability and maximize your wealth.  Read more about transferring your farm to your family here

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Farmer 4.0: How the Coming Skills Revolution Can Transform Agriculture

A fourth agricultural revolution is underway, and this one isn't powered by seeds or diesel. It's all about data.

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