Building wealth with your A-Team

Nov 07, 2019 | RBC Dominion Securities Inc.


To paraphrase the popular ’80s action TV-show The A-Team member (and infamous Rocky III villain) Mr. T, “I pity the fool who thinks it takes a single professional to build and protect a client’s wealth.”

As your wealth management needs become more complex, having a team of financial experts – investment advisors, lawyers, accountants, business advisors, estate experts, private bankers, and more – who can collaborate to deliver personalized advice, seamless service and coordinated execution, can be critical to building and protecting your wealth.

Your wealth A-Team

Investment advisor

An investment advisor is often the key contact with a client and their family. An advisor aims to build an intimate understanding of their clients’ goals, and then builds an investment portfolio and wealth plan to help their client reach those goals. This includes organizing, consulting, leading and collaborating with a variety of financial experts to help build, inform and implement a clients’ wealth plan.


No one wants to have a lawyer on speed dial until they really need a lawyer on speed dial. Every team needs legal minds to ensure the T’s are crossed, the I’s are dotted, and any endeavours with potential legal ramifications are thoroughly understood. Whether starting a business, reviewing a contract or providing their objective, legal counsel, a good lawyer can help immeasurably.


Your tax expert plays a pivotal role in understanding how the ever-changing tax system applies to your unique situation and, from that, how to implement tax-smart strategies. A great accountant can literally be worth their weight in gold, especially when they’re able to collaborate with your other A-Team experts to build an accurate assessment of your finances, to weigh the risk and reward of certain purchase decisions, and discover any potential tax issues with your wealth plan.

Business advisor

As Mr. T’s A-Team leader John "Hannibal" Smith loved to say, "I love it when a [business] plan comes together." Whether that is a succession strategy, "key person" insurance, or reducing taxes to maximize your retirement savings, a business advisor can look at your wealth through the lens of someone who understands the intricacies of business ownership and how to effectively merge your business plan within your overall wealth strategy.

Estate planning expert

To ensure your Will and estate is structured efficiently, cost-effectively and according to your desires, it helps to have the expertise of someone whose vocabulary includes "Testamentary trusts," "Power of Attorney" and "insurance solutions". By planning for tomorrow today with the assistance of an estate planning expert, you may be able to retain more of your assets, help protect your estate and leave a lasting legacy for your family.

Private banker

From managing cash flow and currency exchange to customized lending solutions, a private banker can help simplify the logistics of your day-to-day banking, financing and account management needs.

Experts come in different forms and with various specializations. What’s important is that the team around you understands your situation and how to work together to present you with the right opportunities, comprehensive strategies and seamless service to help you reach your unique goals.

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