Our Philosophy

At Edgington Price Wealth Management Group, we are committed to bringing simplicity to our clients’ most complex financial situations and helping them gain greater peace of mind.

We focus on building, protecting and optimizing wealth with all-encompassing guidance. By taking an integrated approach to planning, we design a personalized strategy that reflects your goals, values and creating an enduring family legacy.


Clients always come first.

We help our clients throughout every stage of their lives. Whether it’s growing your wealth, generating steady income, preserving your capital, minimizing taxes or a combination of these factors, you can be assured we have the expertise and resources to assist you every step of the way.

When your personal situation changes unexpectedly, updating your financial plan helps you ensure you’re still on track to meet your retirement goals, provide for your family, protect your wealth and secure the lifestyle you envision for decades to come.

Our approach combines the expertise you need to achieve your specific goals with opportunities you may not have otherwise identified. At our core is a highly disciplined approach to investment management, complemented by in-depth wealth planning and access to vast resources from our partners. We build individualized plans based on your requirements, while working closely with your trusted professional consultants and addressing your more complex financial needs.

A disciplined investment philosophy.

A well-defined approach is a must for financial success. At Edgington Price Wealth Management Group, we believe in rigorous adherence to a disciplined investment philosophy. From an investment standpoint, we prioritize resilience in our approach by:

  • Steadfastly examining appropriate asset allocations to help mitigate risk in troubled markets, while encouraging healthy growth in prosperous times.

  • Applying useful, ongoing insights on the day-to-day management of strategy developments through one-on-one conversations with senior investment leaders and portfolio managers.

A comprehensive financial strategy.

We operate with a diligent evaluation process that demands continuous monitoring and review. No matter what happens in our clients’ lives, we are here to help them navigate the potential complexities with sound strategies that promote financial serenity.

Our time-tested approach is about giving you the flexibility and options to help you meet the goals and visions that inspire you. It’s about reinforcing the choices that allow you to prepare, plan for and respond to any market conditions that we may foresee.

We are proud of the work that we do and invite you to connect with us to experience first-hand what we’re all about. Rediscover shared purpose and commitment to preserving your legacy.



Thank You for your wise counsel and expertise in organizing and implementing our financial portfolio.


Youth is a time of getting, middle-age a time of improving and old age spending. Through your astute counseling, anyone in the middle-age category would certainly find their financial situation improving. As we now approach old age, it is comforting to note that your professional expertise continues to provide us with the opportunity to spend, albeit wisely. You have been most helpful beyond the requirements of your career as a financial advisor......

                                                                                             ~ Dr. M. Ralston and Mr. R. Ralston