Align your financial goals with your personal values

What is Responsible Investing?

Responsible investment (RI) refers to the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into the selection and management of investments. There is growing evidence that RI reduces risk and leads to superior long-term financial returns.

Responsible investing has changed. It isn’t just about my values or your values anymore, it is also about making better, more informed investment decisions. It’s about managing risk to long-term shareholder and stakeholder value. In a world where climate change, water scarcity and global supply chain issues dominate the business pages, we strongly believe that conventional investment analysis and selection that does not consider these issues are ignoring important information that can have negative impacts on society and your investment returns.

Responsible investors know that the integration of ESG factors into the selection and management of investments can provide superior risk-adjusted returns and positive societal impact. What’s changed in the past decade is that RI has evolved to become a mainstream function of good investment practice, resulting in better, more informed investment decisions.

We need to know how the companies that we invest in are managing the future: ESG analysis gives us a bigger and clearer window into their operations and the quality of their management. To us it is just common sense to seriously consider those factors.

What's included in ESG?

Our investment approach has evolved to fully integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into our research process.

  • We are long-term investors with a strong corporate culture, code of ethics, and sense of community.
  • Responsible Investing fits extremely well into our team’s core values. We derive great comfort and satisfaction from being able to combine our personal beliefs with our professional investment process.