Travis Stringer, CFP

Associate Wealth Advisor & Financial Planner

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Travis brings a very diverse background to his role at RBC Dominion Securities.  He began his working life by spending more than a decade in the forest industry as a logger in the Fraser Lake area.  Not satisfied with the day-to-day repetition of operating machinery, Travis explored a couple of other career options prior to finding a fit in his current role.  He spent a year as a Realtor in Prince George, and six years teaching English overseas, visiting more than a dozen countries in the process.

Travis attended CNC in a general studies program for a year but did much of his university studies in English, almost exclusively via distance education while living and working in a far-off land.  Since joining RBC Dominion Securities, he has been immersed in his role (at one point assisting with the administration of $250 million in assets) and educating himself in all areas related to wealth management.  Travis is passionate about serving the needs of clients and assisting them in reaching their goals.  After five years with RBC Dominion Securities, Travis is a Certified Financial Planner® professional and well-qualified to meet your investment and comprehensive financial planning needs, including insurance-based wealth management solutions.

Travis was born and raised in Northern BC and loves all that the north has to offer.  He appreciates four distinct seasons and spends much of his free time outside – hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, canoeing, or playing tennis.  However, he has not kicked the travel bug and enjoys learning from new cultures firsthand and photographing his adventures.  Travis lives in Prince George with his lovely wife and teenage daughter.






Travis works alongside Duane in overseeing portfolios, financial planning, and new client relationships. Speak with Travis to discuss matters related to financial planning, portfolio positioning, real estate investing, tax and estate planning and insurance.
Please contact Travis if you would like an introduction to the team.