Determining your unique financial goals requires a personal approach

You might be investing to build your financial future or to protect what you have already built. You may have specific needs, like maximizing your retirement income or creating a lasting legacy for your family or other beneficiaries, such as charitable causes you care about. Whatever your specific needs, Douglas Oxner can craft an investment plan for you. 

Plan for growth

If you are busy managing an active career or business, Doug can produce a customized portfolio that maximizes performance of financial assets and minimizes tax liability. 

Plan for security

If you are receiving funds from an estate or inheritance, Doug can tailor a sound program to protect your initial capital produce a satisfying income.

Plan for retirement

If you are looking for RSP/RIF advice, Doug can create a worry-free retirement plan to ensure you enjoy the lifestyle you want.

Plan for comfort 

If you are an experienced investor ready to enjoy the rewards of success, Doug assists in administering your portfolio while generating income to support your lifestyle. 

Douglas A. Oxner, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager & Investment Advisor


Sharon Williams



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