Warren Buffett's Letters to Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders

Buffet's letters to the shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway, his holding company, are regarded as one of the most important and informative bodies of work ever written in the business and investing world, which comes out every year. 

“A lot of investors focus all their attention on finding the right strategy or right stocks. They’d be much better off focusing on managing behavior.”-Buffett

Topics covered in Warren Buffett's shareholder letters since 1976 include investment philosophy, portfolio management, corporate governance, diversification, and the limitations of GAAP. The letters cover employing incremental capital, selecting business managers, compensation policy, share repurchases, stock options, mergers and acquisitions, and the economics of the insurance industry. You name it, it's in there in one of these letters.

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2018 Federal Budget's Tax Measures

The article highlights key tax measures that are of most interest to Canadian Investors.

If you have any questions about the Budget, how it impacts you, or any other wealth management issues, please let us know.


2018 Handy Financial Planning Facts

The article summarizes some common financial planning-related information for topics such as:

  • Retirement 
  • IPP
  • Tax
  • Education-RESP
  • Disability-RDSP
  • U.S. Limits
  • Government Links


Tax Planning Strategies for High Income Earners

Depending on your province of residence, you may be subject to tax at a rate of 50% or higher when your income exceeds $200,000. This article highlights a non-exhaustive list of tax minimization strategies to consider with your professional advisor.


Investment, Tax and Lifestyle perspectives

Written by the experts at RBC Wealth Management, Perspectives magazine highlights topical issues relevant to high-net-worth investors and addresses their wealth management concerns – from insights on tax strategies to family and lifestyle interests.


Tax Strategies: Investment Holding Companies

On July 18, 2017 the federal government released a consultation paper proposing a number of strategies which target private corporations with regards to income splitting, multiplication of the lifetime capital gains exemption, holding a passive investment portfolio inside a private corporation and converting a private corporation's regular income to capital gains. 

The strategies discussed in this article may be affected by the proposed measures in the consultation paper and the accompanying proposed legislation. If you are an owner of a private corporation you should consider the potential impact of the proposed measures and discuss the implications with your Advisor.


Early 2018 Tax Tips

The article covers some common tax planning strategies that you may want to consider early in the new year. 


"Room to Run" by Jim Allworth

"Happy Spouse, Happy House-Four reasons to keep your spouse involved in managing your family's wealth" featuring an interview with Grant Richmond.

One of the featured article in our September issue. 

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