Key Learning- After 36 years of Experience

  • "Sell LOSERS and keep WINNERS."
  • Focus on the long term - odds are better.
  • Handling emotion and biases the right way.
  • Company earnings and cash flow are key factors for driving positive share price performance. 
  • Dividends are important, reinvestment of dividends are even better. 
  • Avoid getting influenced from the daily market news. 
  • Important to focus on risk first, return second!


The Liberation of Limiting Yourself 

Simple Rules: How to Thrive in a Complex World by Ben Carlson

"..anyone who has a smartphone has better mobile phone capabilities than the president of the United States did 25 years ago and better access to information than the president did 15 years ago" --"Many people are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information, opinion, analysis and news we have available at our fingertips from our pocket supercomputer. Many place blame on 'fake news' or social media outlets when people don't know who to trust but the real problem isn't too much information but rather filter failure."

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"Good Advice vs. Effective Advice" by Ben Carlson


"Good advice is to ignore the noise.

Effective advice is to create a comprehensive investment plan which focuses exclusively on those things that are within your control.

Good advice tells you how to succeed.

Effective advice shows you how to succeed."

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