Performance Chart for 2018

Update on asset class returns on an asset allocation quilt created by Ben Carlson

The Forgotten Bear Markets

By Ben Carlson

“After closing at an all-time high on September 20, the S&P 500 entered a bear market on Christmas Eve. The technical definition is a 20% peak-to-trough drawdown, but I’m willing to give this 19.8% fall the benefit of the doubt.”

2017 vs. 2018 in the Stock Market

By Ben Carlson

“The first few days of 2019 make it seem like there was a carryover in volatility from 2018 but there was also a carryover in gains at the start of 2018 from 2017 and those obviously didn’t last.”


Things You See During Every Market Correction

By Ben Carlson

"From the peak close in late-September through the week before Halloween, the S&P 500 fell around 10% for a quick little correction.Over the ensuing 10 trading days stocks have now bounced 6%.

Does this mean the correction is now over? Was it simply another flash correction?"


Trends & Time Lapses

By Ben Carlson

"..interesting time lapses this week that do a nice job of showing past and future trends in the economy and the markets."


"Good Advice vs. Effective Advice"

By Ben Carlson


"Good advice is to ignore the noise.

Effective advice is to create a comprehensive investment plan which focuses exclusively on those things that are within your control.

Good advice tells you how to succeed.

Effective advice shows you how to succeed."


“Mind the Gap”

By Jim Allworth

“2018 was not a great year for equities in Canada or, for that matter, anywhere. In our view, 2019 should be a better one, if only because the starting point is comparatively depressed vis-à-vis the highs of last year”


"Still alive"

By Jim Allworth

“Second-quarter GDP results for the major economies were mixed. As long as economic data continues to support confidence in next year's earnings estimates and in the idea that the next downturn / recession lies beyond 2019 then global equity portfolios should be able to deliver worthwhile, all-in returns.”


Perspective: A magazine for clients

Business Owner Special Edition. Volume 6, Issue 2

RBC Wealth Management Services has created a magazine to help us educate clients and prospective clients about wealth management topis and other services from our RBC partners.

The magazine highlights topical issues relevant to high-net-worth clients – from expert advice on tax strategies to family and lifestyle interests. It has been designed to provide a comprehensive wealth management advice and service.

Contact us to get a complimentary copy of the magazine.


No asset in your estate can be as emotionally charged as the family cottage

By Leanne Kaufman

As a cottage owner, open dialogue with the next generation is critical for avoiding conflict for those you leave behind. Plan ahead with the help of our in-house specialists.


Riding the latest 'crisis' and other market lessons

By Peter Hodson

Some advice on his favorite investment rules and guidelines:

  • There is always a crisis in the stock market
  • Fear always results in greater volatility than greed
  • Investors still focus too much on the short term
  • Hostile takeovers almost never succeed at the 'first' bid
  • Momentum is an investor's best friend


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