RBC Dominion Securities has been advising investors about quality investment opportunities since 1901. Doug Senyk, Wealth and Investment Advisor welcomes you to explore his investment and wealth management services which he has developed from a consistent and extensive desire to learn and read to gain an understanding on what would be suitable for his clients. 

He has been around the investment business since July 1980. This longevity has been a huge asset in achieving a high level of success that is defined by the long-term relationships. His services are suitable for a number of different type of clients, which mostly includes:

•    Private individuals (Non-registered accounts, RRSP/ TFSA (registered) accounts, RESP (educational) accounts, trust account, estate account)
•    High-net-worth individuals and corporate entities
•    High-net-worth foundations and institutions (public sector)  

Our VALUE Proposition: 




Our Investment APPROACH :



In summary, his business offers an investment process that he has designed and implemented for the past 38 years. This has evolved to include wealth planning that is provided by our in-house specialists of accountants and lawyers that offer high level of expertise in financial planning, wealth planning, estate planning and long term health care planning.

Thank you for your interest in exploring the expertise and background of our team at Senyk Advisory Services. Contact us if you have any questions and for an opportunity to meet and discuss the merits of our approach and how it may help you achieve your goals and objectives.



Doug Senyk

Investment & Wealth Advisor