Grow more than your wealth 

Doug’s business approach has evolved over time to include wealth planning alongside his investment expertise. This has been developed from a consistent and extensive desire to learn and read to gain an understanding on what would be suitable for clients.

This straightforward and simple approach include:

  • Having a high level conviction to guide clients to fulfill their goals and objectives.
  • Create a focus on the long-term.
  • Create a focus of building a CORE foundation in an investment portfolio, supported by robust dividend growth and reinvestment.
  • Avoid troublesome products and concepts.
  • Expand the approach to include additional enhancing income strategies (e.g. Call and Put Writing).
  • Power of Compounding is an important concept in investing, crucial to allocate enough time to acquire maximum benefit.

In summary, the business offers an investment process that he has designed and implemented. This has evolved to include wealth planning that is provided by our in-house specialists of accountants and lawyers that offer high level of expertise in financial planning, wealth planning, estate planning and long term health care planning.

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Thank you for your interest in exploring our profile, expertise and background. If you have any questions Contact us and hopefully this will lead to an opportunity to meet and discuss the merits of our approach and how it may help you achieve your goals and objectives.