Why We Do What We Do

Apr 13, 2018 | Doug Mushka


We live in an age of information sharing and unprecedented transparency.  The past decade has seen tremendous growth in the number and popularity of social networks that provide a way for millions of Canadians to share the many details of their lives, thoughts and opinions.  More Canadians use Facebook per capita than any other country in the world.  


We talk about what and where we eat and what's hot on Netflix; we offer cures for what would have once been embarrassing ailments and much more.  It seems like there are no longer any topics too intimate or too private to share- except one.


Many Canadians draw the line when it comes to personal finances- money is considered the last of the taboo subjects.  Divulging details of our finances has enjoyed a long tenure on the shrinking list of taboo topics.


We do not tell others how much we earn or what we owe.   Most of us can only guess how much money our parents have saved.  Very few of us feel comfortable talking about it. 


We know that when you sit down with a financial planner, you are likely to reap substantial financial and emotional benefits.     This is based on recent studies.  Canadians with comprehensive financial plans feel that their goals and retirement plans are more on track, their ability to save has improved and they are more confident they can handle the inevitable bumps in life.  


If you would like that feeling as well, we are hear to listen.