The Forward Private Investment Management Group is committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and quality of advice.

Portfolio Management Services

  • Needs analysis & risk assessment
  • Individually tailored Investment Policy Statement - A framework for  making  investment decisions & meeting your personal objectives
  • Creation of an asset allocation structure
  • Customized, tax-efficient portfolio construction & individual (segregated) security selection
  • Daily monitoring  of your portfolio to ensure it meets the parameters outlined in your investment policy statement
  • Timely portfolio rebalancing as necessary
  • Access to an extensive team of research analysts and capital markets experts, plus guidance from the RBC Strategy Committee
  • An investment discipline that incorporates (1) company fundamentals, (2) quantitative analysis, and (3) technical analysis

The PIM Advantage

  • No trading commissions
  • Premium interest rates on fixed income products
  • Zero-load mutual fund purchases
  • No cost to switch between mutual fund companies
  • No annual administration fees on your RRSP or RRIF account(s)
  • Portfolio management fees on non-registered accounts may be tax-deductible (Please consult your tax accountant)

Reporting On Your Progress

  • Enhanced Quarterly Portfolio Review Package - Includes portfolio performance, current asset mix, geographic & industry allocation, & a listing of all your portfolio holdings
  • Comprehensive year-end tax package & guide - To assist you and your accountant with tax preparation
  • Capital Gain/Loss Reports (available upon request)
  • Regular review meetings

Additional Financial Services

  • Direct consultation with your other advisors (Financial Planners, Accountants, Estate Lawyers) to ensure synchronized efforts on your behalf
  • Referrals available for other professional advisors (Accountants, Estate Specialists, Lawyers)
  • Complimentary access to our in-house consultants for customized insurance solutions, trust services & estate planning

For Your Convenience

  • DS Online - Access your current account information online with real-time quotes, plus access to exclusive investment research, RBC Economics publications and quarterly market outlook
  •  e-Statements & e-Documents (Optional)
  • Automatic fund transfers and income withdrawals

With Our Compliments

  • Financial Binder - to store your financial records