February 27, 2023 | RBC Wealth Management


What are registered accounts?

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Formal financial education, when combined with advice and practical learning, can help set the stage for a lifetime of informed and confident financial decision-making. RBC Wealth Management (RBC WM) recognizes the importance of helping clients and their families build sound financial management skills, offering a range of resources to support and encourage financial learning.

When it comes to saving and investing, there are many types of accounts, each designed for different goals and objectives. Investment accounts can be either registered or non-registered. Registered accounts offer certain income tax benefits to encourage individuals to save and invest. By reducing, deferring or eliminating the income tax you would otherwise pay on investment income, registered accounts can help you grow your savings.

Some of the most common registered accounts are:

Keep in mind that not every account is suitable for every individual. There may also be situations where it makes more sense to choose or prioritize one type of registered account over another. As part of your decision-making, it’s also important to be aware of the account opening criteria, contribution limits and withdrawal rules for each type of account.

For more information on investment account types and which may be beneficial for you, contact us today.

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