Recommended Reading

I try to spend a day a week reading and thinking about a wide variety of topics that affect my clients’ financial success.  From time to time I post links here to articles and books that I think are particularly interesting or thought-provoking. 

Infographic: Vancouver Real Estate Mania

“This infographic’s purpose is to connect the dots between Vancouver’s history of speculation, demographic waves, public policy, and external pressures that have all had a hand in shaping today’s hot real estate market in the city.”

Maps of the Day: All of the underwater cables that connect the internet

Cables lying on the ocean floor transmit 99 percent of international data to bring the internet to the world.  This article will make you smart on the history, construction and economic drivers of the cable network - and will also explain why the internet is coated with petroleum jelly.

Investing:  Scary Vs. Dangerous

We are wired to react emotionally to what we perceive as immediate threats (“scary”) but we often don’t pay attention to more important issues (“dangerous”) because they are less urgent, more familiar or longer term. 

This short and incisive article outlines the differences, for instance:

  • Scary but not dangerous:  market corrections

  • Dangerous but not scary: being underinsured

  • Dangerous and scary: emotional investing

Canada Flirts with the Petrostate Trap

“The problem with the petrostate economy is basically one of diversification. You wouldn’t put half of your wealth into a bet on the price of a single commodity, would you?”

Is there a cure?  Trudeau promotes service exports. “Canada was mostly known for its resources. I want you to know Canadians for our resourcefulness.”

Election Campaign Myths

I have been shocked and appalled to observe U.S. politicians from all parties make arguments based on incorrect facts or skewed views of the world. Following are a few real-world observations:

And for a bit more reading on this theme:  Six myths about the economy that are just plain wrong.