The Process

Don takes an integrated wealth management approach that is tailored to each client’s distinct needs.  This powerful process is designed to find the best solutions while uncovering unexpected opportunities. 


  • We commit a significant amount of time to understand you, and in particular what you want to accomplish with your life and your wealth.

  • We investigate your current situation: assets, current income, financial goals, tax issues, insurance situation and estate plans.    

Design Your Customized Plan

We develop an integrated plan to address the goals and opportunities identified in the discovery process.

  • We create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that matches your risk tolerance, investment time horizon and goals. Based on the IPS, we build a customized portfolio based on appropriate asset allocation and diversification principles.

  • We develop a financial plan that lays out a roadmap for major financial milestones including major purchases, children’s education, retirement and wealth transfer.

  • We identify opportunities to minimize taxes and optimize tax-deferred compound investment growth. We ensure that wealth-protecting and tax-minimizing insurance products are not overlooked.

  • We consider key life risks such as disability, critical illness or premature death and recommend strategies to mitigate these risks.

  • We examine your estate plans and, either with your lawyer or our Will and Estate Consultants, review and revise your will to identify missed opportunities to achieve your estate goals more efficiently.

Service, Monitor And Review

Our written service plan brings discipline and clarity to the ongoing relationship.

  • We set out a schedule for monitoring, reporting and reviewing your investment portfolio and the implementation of your financial plan. We agree to timetables and milestones so you know what to expect. 

  • We conduct regular portfolio reviews and rebalancing on a timetable laid out in the service plan.