"it's one night"

October 04, 2016 | Dian Chaaban


…is what Mike Babcock, head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs, said in an interview about the highly anticipated debut of their first overall 2016 draft pick, Auston Matthews.

What he’s referring to is Matthews’ debut performance on Wednesday night against the Ottawa Senators, becoming the first player in NHL history to score four goals in his NHL inauguration. He scored on each of his first three NHL shots, setting the historic mark with three seconds to go in the second period (scoring all of the Leaf's 4 goals in the 5-4 loss).

While the rest of us were cheering, Babcock was quick to remind us that he still has a long way to go and wants to make sure that his young star was keeping the feat in perspective,

"It's one night…and you've got to do it for a year and then you've got to do it for two years and then you've got to do it for 15 years so there's lot for him to look forward to."

This is also where the saying “past performance is not indicative of future results” stems from, suggesting that just because a portfolio manager had a good quarter or year, it won’t necessarily happen again the next time - and if it does, it requires lots of work, discipline and teamwork to make it happen.

So, is this amazing 19 year old (hard to believe he is born in 1997) a good player?

Absolutely, he is.

Will he win the cup for the Leafs?

Not alone he won’t.

Like portfolio management, hockey is a team sport, requiring 5 skaters on the ice for each team (plus a goalie), coaches and support staff. And while my hockey knowledge is sparse compared to my market knowledge, I can easily see that a lot of hard work and discipline is required to survive 82 regular season and 16 playoff wins.

So while the extravagant headlines suggest that Matthews may be the first to hoist the cup (odds are still 70 to 1) it will require a strong team effort from the Leafs as a whole to get it right – and the same goes for my team here at RBC Dominion Securities and at RBC Royal Bank.

While I am the face of our relationship, I rely on my teammates for strong offense, defense and goaltending; whether they help position a strategy to pay less tax, help build the right investment solution, review insurance coverage, assess the value of a business or streamlining banking, credit and lending solutions, we all rely on one another to work hard to win and maintain client confidence, trust and results.

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