October 07, 2016 | Dian Chaaban


Jays fever is in full swing again this Fall after the do-or-die 5-2 win in extra innings over the Baltimore Orioles on Tuesday night during the American League wild-card game (which averaged 4.02 million viewer, btw). The excitement has continued to build throughout the week (and past the beer tosser) with another beat against the Texas Rangers 10-1 in Game 1 of the ALDS yesterday and again with a 5-3 defeat just moments ago in Game 2. Aaron Sanchez is set to start Sunday in Game 3 and I suspect many of us will be celebrating thanksgiving with the Jays this year – so as we enter the thanksgiving weekend, I am reminded of the many things I am grateful for.

I’m grateful for my health, my amazing family and hilarious friends. I’m grateful for Mark and his go-go-gadget arms. I’m grateful for good music, good food and delicious scotch. I’m grateful to be Canadian and to live in Toronto. I’m grateful for spell check and good grammar. I’m grateful for my fantastic team and that I am backed by an institution as outstanding as RBC and I’m grateful for each and every one of you.

Many of you reading this are long-time clients, friends and family and some of you recently made the decision to trust us with your financial investments and estate & tax planning. Regardless of how long we have been together, you no doubt have seen the difference we can make in your world. So, as you greet the thanksgiving weekend and visit with colleagues, friends and family, think about the value we might add to their lives too – it would be my privilege to extend our care to those you care most about.

With so much going on and information coming at us from every angle, it's sometimes hard to keep your finger on the pulse of what's happening. In an effort to keep you in-the-know and provide you with some conversation nuggets for the weekend, I've compiled the following hit list to fill your conversation pipeline.

Now you are in-the-know with Word on the Street.