Advice vs Price

April 11, 2014 | Dian Chaaban


Fees come in many shapes and sizes and we pay them on a daily basis – gym membership, phone, internet, parking, banking, social “fees” x 2 (1 – i.e. I can’t go to the baby shower empty handed and 2 - the cost of being social at bars, restaurants, etc), government “fees” (aka taxes), maintenance, transportation, etc.

It adds up quick and tracking it through a budget could save you hundreds, if not thousands. This exercise also helps us to identify which fees are worth paying for and which fees are worth avoiding – as outlined nicely in these articles I came across:

10 Fees You Should Avoid

1. Cellphone roaming fees
2. Annual credit card fees
3. Cancellation fees
4. Airline fees
5. Directory assistance
6. ATM fees
7. Banking fees
8. Pay bills on time
9. Try a TV antenna
10. Probate fees

10 Fees Worth Paying

1. Overdraft protection fee
2. Warehouse club fee
3. Call display or caller ID
4. Used car report
5. New car report
6. Auto club membership
7. Toll roads
8. Financial Professional
9 .Self-directed RRSP fee
10. Professional fees

When we pay for an intangible service, we owe it to ourselves to understand what we are paying for and what we can expect in return. When working with professional service providers, always ask yourself the “advice vs. price” question to validate if the advice you are receiving more than pays for the price and always ask what else is included.

A great example is what I do - I’ve met many people who think that paying for an investment advisor only provides investment management – and while that may be the case at some firms, my team and I go beyond investment advice to help you strategically keep more of what you’re earning by providing highly-informed risk management, tax, estate and financial planning. Our commitment to providing value offers a wide range of expert consulting services, many of which are complimentary to you as my valued clients. I know, right? Pretty awesome. Click here to see a full list of what’s included in your relationship with us.

Enjoy the weekend.


Dian Chaaban

Investment & Wealth Advisor

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