Our community page

We understand that wealth doesn’t just refer to one's personal finances. It also includes a sense of prosperity and responsibility to support the communities in which we live and work. Over the past 20 years, through the events we sponsor and the organizations we partner with, Laprise Wealth Management has been committed to helping support our community. Please see below for a sample of the organizations, events and causes we are involved with.



Charitable giving

In addition to our charitable endeavours, we also help our clients with their philanthropic efforts. Charitable gifts can take a variety of forms and be facilitated through a number of different vehicles depending on your unique situation or intentions. The gift may be a one-time donation, a series of payments over a set period or ongoing support. It may be a gift the charity can use now or a deferred gift. It allows clients to achieve personal donation goals and provides tax and estate planning benefits to the donor.

Types of gifts include:

  • Cash
  • Gifts in-kind: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs etc.
  • Life Insurance proceeds
  • Physical Land or Property

We would be pleased to review your charitable giving strategy and provide information on corporate and individual donations of Securities, Charitable gift funds and Private family foundations.