A new Europe in the making - April 2022

Longer term, the Russia-Ukraine war will certainly transform the European economic and geopolitical order. Peace can no longer be taken for granted. While a dark cloud has descended over the continent today, we believe opportunities in the region remain.

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The market, earnings, and the economy from 10,000 feet - March 2022

During market-shaking events, we remind investors that it would take a serious deterioration in the earnings outlook to push the market into a state of overvalued vulnerability. We would likely see this ahead of time in the leading indicators of recession. Our recession scorecard is showing no such weakness. Ultimately, the long-term relationships between stock price appreciation, corporate proft growth, and economic growth are remarkably stable. Understanding these relationships can put shorter-term market volatility, and even meaningful declines, into perspective.

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The bull market’s rocky road - February 2022

What to make of the recent volatility in equity markets? As markets face headwinds including high inflation and the anticipation of interest rate hikes, we look at the sources of angst—and implications for portfolio positioning.

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